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Course Evaluations

IDEA (Individual Development and Educational Assessment)

UMHB uses IDEA Online to collect Student Ratings of Instruction responses through an online survey tool. The IDEA system is used at the end of each course. Faculty will receive an email that the FIF (Faculty Information Form) is available to be completed for EACH course that an instructor teaches. The instructor should complete the form by indicating the essential and important learning objectives for each course. Please contact the Department Chair if you are unsure of the learning objectives for each course taught.

For more details about the IDEA system, please contact Dr. Lynn Eaton in the CELT.

Mid-Semester Feedback

Use this tool to anonymously gather feedback from students about how you, as an instructor of their course, are doing. This happens before the end of the semester and allows the opportunity for adjustment to teaching during the semester. Ways to use the feedback are listed below:

  • Gather anonymous feedback about your performance and course organization.
  • Gain insight into students' attitudes about course content and assignments and students' satisfaction with quizzes, exams, and the course in general.
  • Assess changes in instruction, especially when used as part of a single-group experiment.
  • Measure the effects of an instructional activity or innovation by conducting a pre- and post-survey.

Explain to your students why it’s important for you to receive feedback about your teaching - that you have a desire to help them. Then, after receiving the feedback, take a few minutes to discuss changes as a result of the feedback. For example, "Thanks for the feedback about this course.  As a result of the feedback received from you, before each course exam, we will have a brief review of the information covered on each exam.”

Research has shown that gathering feedback on the course, serves as motivation for students to do their best, as well as notifies them of your true desire for them to succeed.*

*Violato & Kline, 2007;Abrami, 2001; Schmelkin, Spencer & Gellman, 1997; Marsh, 1987