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Honors Program

About Honors

The Honors Program at UMHB offers students a chance to cultivate their intellectual curiosity and social awareness. The program encourages students to investigate relevant moral and ethical systems and to enhance aesthetic awareness. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the Honors Program also attempts to give students an understanding of the relationships that unite all scholarly disciplines.

The Honors Program encourages students to begin a lifelong journey of understanding who they are and what it means to live a good life. Perhaps the greatest benefit to the honors student is the chance to become a part of a larger community in which academic curiosity is seen as normal and necessary.

What They Are Saying About Honors:

Completing the UMHB's Honors Program was one of the highlights of my career at UMHB. It gave me the confidence I needed to attend and succeed in medical school. The program also jump started my career in research. Working with the faculty to design and complete my honors research project was a crucial step to my success today. Not only does the UMHB Honors Program get you noticed at graduation with your honors sash, it will also be a highlight on your resume that will get you noticed for the rest of your life!

Zayde Radwan, Class of 2009

UMHB's Honors Program gave me the intellectual freedom and scholarly support to explore my academic interests at a higher level than I would find in a normal classroom setting. Through the Senior Research Project, I created a well-crafted undergraduate thesis which enabled me to net a TA position, complete with stipend, at Florida State University. My thesis paper set me apart from the other candidates.

In the Honors Program, students don`t just take "harder" courses, they engage in deep philosophical discussions, they team up with other honors students and faculty to better understand the world we live in and the truth we strive to uphold, and they strike out on our own scholarly pursuits.  I would recommend the Honors Program to any UMHB student who is looking for something deeper in education, willing to ask questions, and striving to defend the answers.

Evangeline Ciupek, Class of 2011

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