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UMHB Study Abroad

Approved Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Israel - June 2017
    Focus - Biblical Archaeology
    Contact Dr. Tim Crawford in the College of Christian Studies
  • Ecuador - July 2017
    Focus - Spanish Language
    Contact Dr. Mattison in the College of Humanities and Sciences 
  • Dominican Republic - December 2017
    Focus - Missions/Non-profit Experience
    Contact Dr. Reina in the McLane College of Business
  • Belize - March 2018
    Focus - Scuba Diving/Sailing
    Contact Dr. Plunk in the College of Education EXSS Department
  • Czech Republic - May 2018
    Focus -  Arts and Culture
    Contact Prof. Andyshak in the College of Visual and Performing Arts
  • Ecuador - May 2018
    Focus -  Culture and Global Business
    Contact Dr. King in the McLane College of Business
  • Dominican Republic - May 2018
    Focus - Non-profit Management
    Contact Dr. Reina, Graduate MBA
  • Peru - May 2018
    Focus - Global Health and Special Education
    Contact Dr. Booth in the Scott and White College of Humanities
    Contact Dr. Ward in the College of Education

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